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Welcome To Naisha Fashion Biggest Manufacturer & Trader In India

We are leading fabric manufacturers in knits.we make all kinds of knitted fabrics
As you know very well our garments industries is based on fabric manufacturers and garments manufacturing is 100% success of the industry.
We belive that business is relation and trust understanding is very important.we give our 100% we are working on this from last 40years
We control the fabric May Dia/Gsm and Dyeing/finishing according to the fabric with international technology and specifications

Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric, a quintessential textile derived from the fibers of the cotton plant (Gossypium), is a material that seamlessly marries tradition with modernity. Its legacy spans centuries, and its widespread popularity is a testament to its exceptional qualities. From its humble beginnings as soft, fluffy bolls on cotton plants, this natural fiber undergoes a meticulously crafted journey to transform into the fabric that graces our lives.

The journey begins with the process of ginning, where the cotton fibers are meticulously separated from their seeds, setting the stage for the creation of fine threads. These threads, akin to nature’s precious strands, are then spun into yarn or thread, the elemental building blocks of textile craftsmanship. Cotton fabric comes to life through the skilled hands of weavers and knitters, who intertwine these threads into intricate patterns, textures, and designs, thereby crafting a fabric that not only adorns but also speaks volumes about human ingenuity.

The appeal of cotton fabric lies not only in its aesthetic charm but also in its pragmatic qualities. Its innate softness invites touch, creating a tactile experience that is unparalleled. The fabric’s breathability, a trait gifted by nature, ensures that it remains an ideal choice for clothing across seasons. From lightweight, airy garments that grace sun-drenched days to heavier, cozier textiles that cocoon during winter’s chill, cotton adapts with grace and ease.

Muslin, Lightweight, Plain-woven, Softness, Denim, Sturdy, Twill, Durability, Poplin, Broadcloth, Smooth, Canvas, Heavy, Workwear, Flannel, Brushed, Warmth, Voile, Sheer, Twill, Herringbone, Gabardine, Jersey, Stretchy, Knit, Sateen, Lustrous, Corduroy, Ribbed, Chambray, Puckered, Seersucker, Breathable, Gauze, Sheer, Knit Cotton, Versatile, Gauze, Cotton Velvet, Plush, Calico, Quilting, Percale, Closely woven, Cool, Oxford Cloth, Basketweave, Upholstery, Craft projects, Bed linens.

Lycra Fabric

Lycra fabric, a marvel of modern textile engineering, is an embodiment of freedom, flexibility, and fashion-forward functionality. Also known as spandex or elastane, Lycra fabric has revolutionized the way we experience clothing, introducing a new dimension of comfort, versatility, and form-fitting style.

At its core, Lycra fabric is composed of synthetic fibers meticulously engineered for their exceptional elasticity and stretchiness. The fabric’s defining attribute lies in its remarkable ability to expand significantly beyond its original form and then effortlessly spring back to its initial shape. This unique property empowers clothing designers and wearers alike to explore a world where clothing can truly move with the body, adapting to every contour, every motion, and every stride.

The journey of Lycra fabric begins with the integration of these elastic fibers into textiles. Often blended with natural fibers like cotton or synthetic fibers like polyester, Lycra fabric emerges as a powerful enhancer, infusing traditional materials with an unprecedented range of movement. This fusion ensures that while wearers enjoy the dynamic flexibility of Lycra, they also relish the comfort of well-loved fabrics.

The presence of Lycra fabric is most pronounced in active wear and sportswear, where its transformative qualities shine. From yoga pants that accommodate every stretch to compression garments that offer both support and style, Lycra fabric is the driving force behind performance-driven fashion. The fabric’s ability to effortlessly adjust to the body’s contours results in form-fitting apparel that elevates the wearer’s experience during workouts, training sessions, and various physical activities.

Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric, a textile embodiment of warmth and comfort, offers a plush haven that wraps individuals in a cocoon of softness. Derived from synthetic fibers, fleece is a versatile material that seamlessly combines functionality with cozy luxury. Its construction involves weaving or knitting, resulting in a fabric that showcases a napped texture resembling the fleece of sheep, from which its name is derived.

At the heart of fleece fabric’s allure lies its exceptional insulating properties. The fabric’s napped surface creates a series of air pockets that trap warmth, making it an ideal choice for cold weather clothing and outdoor gear. Fleece’s lightweight nature belies its ability to provide ample insulation, offering a welcome alternative to bulkier materials.

Fleece’s adaptability shines in its various forms. From traditional fleece jackets that offer warmth without the weight to cozy blankets that cocoon users in softness, the fabric’s range is diverse and multifunctional. Its moisture-wicking capabilities also make it an invaluable asset during active pursuits, as it draws moisture away from the body, ensuring comfort during both exertion and relaxation.

The environmental impact of fleece fabric varies, as it is commonly derived from recycled materials, reducing its carbon footprint. This blend of functionality and sustainability has made fleece a favorite in both outdoor and casual wear, aligning with modern sensibilities that seek both comfort and conscientiousness.

Warmth, Comfort, Plush, Synthetic fibers, Versatile, Functionality, Luxury, Weaving, Knitting, Napped texture, Insulating properties, Air pockets, Cold weather clothing, Outdoor gear, Lightweight, Adaptability, Fleece jackets, Cozy blankets, Moisture-wicking, Active pursuits, Sustainability, Recycled materials, Carbon footprint, Outdoor wear, Casual wear, Modern sensibilities, Conscientiousness,Softness, Coziness, Insulation, Thermal, Snuggly, Texture, Napped surface, Warm weather, Layering, Thermoregulation, Breathable, Outdoor activities, Loungewear, Eco-friendly, Ethical fashion, Recycled fibers, Sustainable practices, Environmental consciousness, Performance gear, Outdoor exploration, Winter wear, Blanket stitching, Recycled polyester, Warmth retention, Thermal comfort, Lightweight insulation, Soft-to-touch, Natural fibers.

PC Single Jersy Fabric

PC Single Jersey fabric, an embodiment of comfort and versatility, represents a seamless blend of polyester and cotton fibers. This fabric, known for its softness and stretch, showcases a knit construction that results in a smooth and even surface. The ‘PC’ acronym signifies the combination of these two materials – polyester and cotton – each contributing unique qualities to create a textile that marries the best of both worlds.

The magic of PC Single Jersey lies in its composition. The inclusion of polyester imparts durability, wrinkle resistance, and color retention, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear that withstands the rigors of time and activity. Meanwhile, cotton contributes breathability, moisture absorption, and a gentle touch against the skin, enhancing comfort even during extended wear.

The knit construction of Single Jersey fabric results in a fabric that easily stretches and recovers, providing a snug yet accommodating fit. Its versatility is apparent in its use for various clothing items, from t-shirts and dresses to loungewear and sportswear. The fabric drapes elegantly, creating a flattering silhouette while allowing freedom of movement, making it suitable for both casual and active lifestyles.

With its combined attributes, PC Single Jersey fabric offers a tactile experience that embraces modern needs while maintaining a timeless appeal. It has become a staple in fashion, contributing to wardrobes that prioritize comfort, style, and functionality.

PC Single Jersey fabric, Polyester, Cotton, Softness, Stretch, Knit construction, Smooth surface, Versatility, Durability, Wrinkle resistance, Color retention, Everyday wear, Rigors of activity, Breathability, Moisture absorption, Comfort, Extended wear, Snug fit, Accommodating, T-shirts, Dresses, Loungewear, Sportswear, Drapes elegantly, Flattering silhouette, Freedom of movement, Casual wear, Active lifestyles, Modern needs, Timeless appeal, Fashion staple, Comfort, Style, Functionality, Blend, Fabric composition, Tactile experience, Comfortable clothing, Soft-to-touch, Easy care, Long-lasting, Versatile applications, Wardrobe essential, Wardrobe versatility, Clothing longevity, Moisture management, Active comfort, Natural fibers, Synthetic fibers, Hybrid fabric, Everyday comfort, Breathable textiles, Colorfastness, Sustainable fashion, Contemporary fashion, Seasonless wear, Sporty chic, Easy movement, Easygoing style, Stretch recovery, Performance fabric, Day-to-night wear, Casual elegance, Athleisure wear, Relaxed fit.

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